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Q. Will you be digging in my yard or on my sidewalk?

A. It is possible. All construction will be in the Public Utility Easement, which is from the back of the curb and extends into your front yard. But rest assured, we will fix anything we might have moved in the process. Please take photos of your yard today for reference.

Q. What if my sidewalk needs repairs after digging?

A. We replace and restore everything we touch to its original condition. Concrete patches are a 3 step process and will need time to fill, but be reassured every patch will be repaired to original condition.




Q. What are the markings or flags on my sidewalk and yard? Do you remove it after construction?

A. The marks on the sidewalk and the flags in your yard are to help the construction crews understand where the existing utilities are. The marking paint is not permanent and is designed to fade away over time.

Q. Will it be noisy? What hours will you be working?

A. Please expect a little added traffic noise. A typical work day starts at 7AM and ends at sunset.

Q. How long does the construction take per street?

A. Approximately two weeks.

Q.How long after you build can I get service to my home?

A. You can get construction notices by signing up for the email list at, or you can pre-order by visiting

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